Fleur Amser (Nestori Majoinen) – is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Helsinki. Having spent most of his life in the cross-section between music and visual arts, Fleur Amser found his way into electronic music through the underground scene of his local town. He started musical career playing drums at the age of eight and playing records at the age of fifteen. He has played in several different bands, and several different genres before focusing more on electronic music. There is no definitive form for Fleur Amser, rather it is a concept on the move and takes on new forms as Nestori’s inspirations shift the sounds and setups used by this alter ego. So prepare for a ride combining sounds of 90’s house and techno with flavour of organic sounds. Fleur Amser released his soundwise shape shifting debut-ep, Alternative Ending, at the beginning of 2023 through OO Recordings.