GEO 22

In Geo22’s sonic world, anything is possible. There are no excluding dynamics at play here, with wide-ranging musical infuences coming together as one. The duo respectfully incorporates whatever comes their way, mixing elements from different eras and genres to create a musical amalgam that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. Consider a concept as utopian as time travel, bridging past, present, and future with a wink: the tempo of a techno track from the 1990s fused with the sensibility for a melody from the now. Peppered with references to the occult and mystical, Geo22 are aspiring to tap into the subconscious. The result are ethereal musical cuts, or rather: vehicles for transcendence.

The Berlin-based artists behind Geo22 grew up on a healthy diet of both guitar and electronic music and participated early enough in what club experiences the capital had to offer during the late 2000s. But instead of settling into a techno-immanent rigidness, the duo aspires to inject their music with color, making a generous offer to reevaluate what dance music in 2023 could sound like.