The festival area is located at Betonimiehenkuja 3-5, in Otaniemi, Espoo. Once an industrial laboratory, this historic center of technology used to be a place for teaching and research.

VISIO AREA is made up of two red brick buildings with a spacious courtyard in between. The  big open courtyard accommodates bars, hangout areas and an outdoor stage. The corridors, cellars, and halls concealed within our location are well-suited for various adventures. 



Here is our home for the 2024 edition. VISIO FESTIVAL IS A FESTIVAL.


The golden crown jewel, the block party and the beating heart of the festival.

Summer adventure, the lust for friendship, and the inviting heartbeat of dance. House is a legacy  and the journey to the beginning.

The Mozart and Bach of club music – vocal loops and off-beat hi-hats.


Stripped-down factory environment. Bass resonating from walls and pipes creaking.

Shared trance, raw primal need. Pulsating beat and a distorted synth. Dancers, bare in front of the sound.


Endless warehouse, the echo of metal and broken industrial machinery.
The smell of rave and boundary-breaking atmosphere; 
Denim overalls, tank tops, fur coats. Here anything goes.
Dirty club sound, bootleg remixes, euphoric highs and pumping fists!


Sweat-soaked basements, DIY spaces, the birthplace of innovation. The essence of the underground, the first step into the new; the true spirit of discovery. Melodies, rolling bass and energetic vocalists. A space where rhythm is king.


SECRET LAB hidden deep in the area, drawing inspiration from British soundsystem and MC culture. In practice, it means a small room in which a completely oversized sound system is placed


The corridors offer a bridge between sound and light, where every turn reveals a new surprise. branching corridors weave a harmonious journey from the past to the present. Music reverberates from the halls creating mystery in the air. An adventure of sound, where the layers of history come alive.

The festival area is located near the Aalto University metro station, easily accessible by public transportation, bike, car, scooter or foot. We recommend the use of public transportation or bicycling when coming to the festival.

Street address: Betonimiehenkuja 3-5, 02150 Espoo

There isn’t parking for cars provided by the festival, or its immediate surroundings. Feel free when arriving by car to look for the nearest legal free spot. Do not drink and drive.

Biking is one of the most convenient ways to arrive. You may take your bicycle in the metro when arriving. Please note that the bicycle parking area is not guarded and VISIO is not responsible for parked bicycles.


HSL’s tickets, Journey Planner and transport information tailored specifically for you – all in one app! The HSL app is available for Android and Apple iOS devices free of charge.


You can order a taxi by calling +358 100 0700 or you can use Bolt, Valopilkku or other apps to order taxis. Average taxi via Bolt from Kamppi to Otaniemi is 12,5€.


The festival closes just in time for the first morning metro on Friday (Sat morning) at 05.06 from Keilaniemi stop, which is 5 min walk away.

Distance to Aalto University stop is approximately the same but in the opposite direction.

On Saturday (Sun morning) the first metro departs at 05:56.


VISIO is located in the public transportation zone AB.

In zone A you need an AB, ABC or ABCD ticket, depending on the area you travel in.

The closest stations and stops:

Metro – Aalto University or Keilaniemi

Bus – Otaranta, Aalto University, Karhusaari Tram – Sörnäinen (M), Lintulahti, Helsinginkatu and Kaarlenkatu

For more detailed information about public transportation, please visit The Helsinki Region journey planner (Reittiopas) by HSL.

In addition to regular services, HSL will organise additional night service on the bus 108N the festival weekend. Additional added time is: (Westend – Kamppi). The nearest stop for the bus 108N is at Aalto University metro station at 4.30