The festival area is located at Betonimiehenkuja 3-5, in Otaniemi, Espoo. Once an industrial laboratory, this historic center of technology used to be a place for teaching and research.

VISIO AREA is made up of two red brick buildings with a spacious courtyard in between. The  big open courtyard accommodates bars, hangout areas and an outdoor stage. The corridors, cellars, and halls concealed within our location are well-suited for various adventures. 


Here is our home for the 2024 edition. VISIO FESTIVAL IS A FESTIVAL.


The golden crown jewel, the block party and the beating heart of the festival.

Summer adventure, the lust for friendship, and the inviting heartbeat of dance. House is a legacy  and the journey to the beginning.

The Mozart and Bach of club music – vocal loops and off-beat hi-hats.


Stripped-down factory environment. Bass resonating from walls and pipes creaking.

Shared trance, raw primal need. Pulsating beat and a distorted synth. Dancers, bare in front of the sound.

LAB 001

Endless warehouse, the echo of metal and broken industrial machinery.
The smell of rave and boundary-breaking atmosphere; 
Denim overalls, tank tops, fur coats. Here anything goes.
Dirty club sound, bootleg remixes, euphoric highs and pumping fists!


Sweat-soaked basements, DIY spaces, the birthplace of innovation.
The essence of the underground, the first step into the new; the true spirit of discovery.
Melodies, rolling bass and energetic vocalists. A space where rhythm is king.


The corridors offer a bridge between sound and light, where every turn reveals a new surprise. branching corridors weave a harmonious journey from the past to the present. Music reverberates from the halls creating mystery in the air. An adventure of sound, where the layers of history come alive.