Here is a comprehensive list of all the services available at VISIO Festival 2024. Our main partner is Keikkalasku.

The festival is vegetarian/vegan, and includes a high quality drink selection, which includes products from Heineken, Lonkero, Sol, Fever-Tree, Laplandia & Let Me Wine. 

Our other services include a lounge from Keikkalasku, Darkroom by Huippukiva, Second hand shop Almost New, a tattoo parlor Tattoo Mesta and a secret experience room.


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At Keikkalasku Yard, the rhythmic footwork to the beats of Ron Trent, Kink, Roberto Rodriguez, and others is the best summer activity. Grab a cold cocktail and go find your friends! Be prepared, though, for humorous side quests that tend to happen at festivals…

The Keikkalasku Lounge is a chill-out area on the festival grounds where you can sit back and relax with your friends. Here, you won’t have to worry about invoices!


Vaasan Sandwich Club is bringing its hearty sandwiches, which are gaining immense popularity worldwide, to VISIO Festival. The recipes are crafted by Restaurant Magu. The menu will feature four different incredibly delicious vegan sandwiches. The cornerstone of Vaasan Sandwich Club is the Vaasan Street Food Sub Sandwich bread, which is also available on store shelves.


Herkkä Hot Dog crafts delicious Premium Hot Dogs that have been inspired by flavors from around the world. These Hot Dogs are designed with fresh and exotic flavor options, and they are made using high-quality products from local businesses and small producers. The hot dogs are cooked on pellet grills, which do justice to our premium ingredients. The result is a fluffy, slightly smoky, and grilled taste experience, complemented by fresh, locally sourced vegetables and sauces. This summer, the menu also features new additions such as a Tofu Banh Mi and a Tofu Pesto Sandwich! All our products are available in fully vegan options.


Smilco’s® is a fresh new entrant in the vibrant and delicious Tex-Mex category. The Smilco’s Nordic product line blends traditional flavors from Mexico and the Nordic region to create something new and delectable! Smilco’s products are made in Finland and can be found on the Tex-Mex shelves in stores!

Now, Smilco’s is making its debut in the street food scene, offering delicious tacos to festival-goers for the first time! Smilco’s tacos are gluten-free, vegan, and packed with flavor! There are two varieties available: the traditionally flavorful Al Härkis® taco, and the Asian-inspired Bon Mush taco, featuring crispy fried king oyster mushrooms. Naturally, the tacos are topped off with Smilco’s own delicious sauces. Yummy!


Nikos Gyros combines classic Greek flavors with street food gyros, using delicious homemade sauces, breads, fresh ingredients, and spice blends. At the Vision Festival, Nikos Gyros offers Halloumi (vegetarian) and Falafel (vegan) gyros, as well as meze dishes (hummus, falafel, halloumi, tzatziki, and olives) that can be mixed and matched to taste.


Ice-cold and fresh relief from the hot weather, Heineken. You can’t miss the 15-meter Heineken Main bar in the middle of the yard


As in previous years, the hidden gem of the area is the Laplandia Lounge, where delicious cocktails based on Laplandia Vodka are served.

Check out Laplandia on instagram.

Hartwall original long drink aula

Stripes have always been a part of the Finnish summer. They appear on the benches of the midsummer sauna, on the dock of the summer cottage, in the laser lights of festivals – and on the track of the Olympic Stadium, from where they have made their way onto the familiar turquoise label known to every Finn.


Mouth-watering drinks and mild beverages for sweaty dancers. The menu includes classics such as the ultimate GT, and the ginger-spiced Dark’n Stormy or Moscow Mule.
Enjoy refreshing drinks at the Fever-Tree Bar, curated from high-quality ingredients from around the world.


Energy by the can for the festival goers. Enjoy with or without alcohol. You can find Red Bull Bar next to the YARD LAB. The drink comes with coordinates to the SECRET LAB


Taste the Sun.

Let the Mexican sun inspire you and elevate your summer mood. SOL is a refreshing lager perfect for joyful and carefree moments. Summer is a state of mind. With a sweater and a bottle of Mexican sunshine, you can enjoy even the cooler summer days. Available at SOL bar.


We are again partnering up with Kåska Drinks to keep our alcohol free game strong. When you want a good drink without alcohol, look no further.

Find Kåska Selvin Päin drinks from all our main bars.


Dreaming of a butterfly tattooed on your chest? A Mike Tyson-inspired tribal design? Do you want to make your festival experience unforgettable? Tattoo Mesta, familiar from last year, offers high-quality tattoos with a Nordic style.


Almost as fun as the festival itself is planning your festival outfit. Almost New vintage pop-up allows you to update your festival look in the middle of the event! Free your inner Clark Kent. Arrive at the festival in a nonchalant arrival outfit, take a stop at Almost New’s fitting room, and come out as a festival beast! Almost New offers curated vintage finds and unique outfits.


Huippukiva Darkroom offers a safe, dimly lit space and facilities for open-minded experimentation on the festival grounds throughout the weekend.

To maintain the collective Huippukiva vibe, we encourage those seeking satisfaction to use the 10% discount code on Huippukiva’s website instead of stealing Satisfyers.

The Hotline, once again available at the 2024 festival, is made possible this year by Huippukiva.